Helpline II - Learning to Ask for What You Want and Need

Like the Scales of Justice, this course provides balance by delving deeper into core issues.

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The goal of this course is to recognize and correct ineffective patterns of conflict, anger, resentment and blame from early imprinting. This allows you to cement your newly achieved self-worth,self-esteem and self-respect.

It is important to realize and accept who you are, irrespective of conditioning, and attain what you want as an independent individual (separate and apart from your upbringing). You open yourself up to healthy relationships, allow life in, and learn to give and receive equally.

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How many times have you automatically acted or sounded just like one of your parents? You swear to yourself you will never be that way, but it's a habit that comes naturally. It is ingrained.

Nothing is going to challenge that behavior until you allow yourself to accept, feel, and release the emotions behind that reaction.What you were once powerless to do, you must now confront as an adult.

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You must learn to control your life rather than allowing your life to control you. Through dynamic exercises you openly confront situations from the past and deal with residual conflict still affecting your life.

By taking responsibility to heal your pain, you discover that you are unique and special, simply because you are you!

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You experience a sense of independence and freedom you never knew existed.

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