Need Some Who Will Just Listen?

Depressed? Anxious,
Seeking Self-Worth,

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Feeling lost, alone, invisible or defeated? Want someone who cares to just listen? You can feel safe with Patricia, a licensed therapist for over twenty years, who has walked through many challenges herself She offers 35 minutes by phone for $25. Why hesitate? Don't face life on your own. Patricia will be there to listen to you. Call 770-953-3136.

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You are your most valuable asset. If you do not feel that way, find out why? Permanent fulfillment begins on the inside. Everything else comes out of that: jobs, relationships, friends, family, security, homes, cars, etc.

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If life is challenging and you feel uncertain or frightened, something is trying to get your attention. Are you listening? The journey to independence and freedom is worth risking. Happiness is your nature. Take a chance!

The Atlanta Awareness Center
Patricia Zerman, MS, LPC
1373 Old Virginia Court, SE
Marietta, GA 30067-8461


Email: atlantaawarenesscenter@yahoo.com

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